Saturday, October 29, 2011

Emmett Peck - Certified Financial Advisor (Chase)

On October 27th 2011 I went in to have a chat with my bank, JP Morgan Chase to find out what investing options they have (if any). This was a pre-planned appointment based on a casual inquiry I had a week earlier with one of the tellers downstairs.

Went to the Chase Bank on Solano Avenue and was greeted by Emmett Peck who is the VP and a Certified Financial Planner (CFP).

I provided some background info and told him that I've had to go through a short sale and was looking for more information on other investment areas.

-- Bought a home 3 years ago for 350k which is now worth 150k. Pretty much worthless.

1) Emmett Peck told me that it's people like me walking away from our homes that are causing all these financial and economic problems we are facing today.
-- yes, Emmett Peck a Certified Financial Advisor stared at me point blank with total conviction that he believes this to be the truth.

2) Emmett Peck also said that buying a home is NOT an investment. It's to live in and is only for that purpose.

So if you are looking for some stellar advice from a condescending banker who blames the customer for the banking and economic problems (which apparently is caused by hardworking Americans who paid too much for their houses) -- this is the bank you should make a beeline for.

No wonder the US economy is up shit creek with CFPs like Emmett Peck around.

1) Emmett Peck --  your ignorance and insensitivity towards people, let alone the customers of the very hand that feeds you is astounding.

2) Emmett Peck -- You are arrogant and ignorant at the same time. The worst possible combination as a service professional and financial advisor.

3) Emmett Peck -- What goes around comes around. You will get what you give. 

The US economic and financial crisis we are in was created by companies like the bank you work for. It was not created by people like us who bought homes that cost way more than they were worth. 

The fact that you think it's created by the consumers show that:
a) You are delusional.
b) You are not very bright.
-- Neither of which shows you deserve your job as a financial advisor.

We were given advice by people like you and the result was predatory lending based on loans and packages banks like yours were selling to us. 

And congratulations!! Chase Bank is #1 on the list of worst banks -- how am I not surprised?!

To quote a dear friend of mine Oletta when I told her what you, Mr Emmett Peck said:

-- Are you f*$king kidding me?! What about that low life bastard preying on people's trust in financial institutions not to provide products intended for failure like selling subprime mortgages as standard. That person needs their A$$ Occupied with my foot."

Saturday October 29th
Oh by the way Emmett, your boss Brian Boccio called me today and is shocked by what you said to me. He apologized profusely on your behalf -- It shows you're pretty lame and incompetent really.

If you wanna be ridiculed by a snotty and pompous banker, head for Chase and see Emmett Peck, the ass wipe. He's your typical "financial advisor" whose paycheck is made up of selling you lame "investment solutions" designed to pad the firm's bottom line and his own paycheck.

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Great keeping up with Lyle, I have been putting the word out myself on Craigslist and flagging all his post.

And he is wanted on at least 2 warrants I swore out also.