Saturday, May 12, 2007

Livesay International Scam Site - Based in Georgia

I signed up for this Blogspace about a year ago but since then I have not really found anything interesting enough to write about. However, things changed in the last month due to an online shopping experience I had trying to purchase a video game.

For those of you familiar with video games, you'd know the Nintendo Wii is hard to come by. (unless you are willing to pay higher than the MSRP of $249) High demand and limited supply brings out the most unscrupulous of businesses and most vulnerable of consumers. I was browsing Craigslist, when I came across a posting advertising the Wii for the regular price of $249 at a website

I was kinda skeptical after browsing their website which contained broken picture links, spelling errors and a "build it yourself" Open Source shopping cart. However, when I saw that is the payment gateway accepting credit card transactions for them, I decided to give it a shot. I felt I could trust them because as my day job, I run two online businesses which uses as its payment gateways.

- happens to be one of the best and the largest online payment platforms for e-Commerce businesses perhaps..... until now.

This reminds me of something my friend said to me a few months ago:
"As Americans, we trust well known brands to a fault" - In retrospect, I see how appropriate his words are now.

A week after my purchase with Livesay via Next Day Air shipping (at my expense), I fet suspicious and proceeded to do some research on them. I received numerous phone calls including three calls at 11 pm from Mr. Stephen Biddy to "talk it out" with me when I voiced my dissatisfaction over their service via email. My research revealed many other victims scammed by them. One of Livesay's tactics is to call you or provide a phone number to appease your fears and to show they are real people instead of just a faceless website. Livesay's reps will give you reasons and excuses but it's all cleverly designed to delay order cancellations.

--- Besides, what's the point of a phone number and talking the customer's ears off when all Livesay has to do is ship what was ordered or cancel and refund the customer's money. Especially when they claim that all orders are shipped within 3 Business Days!

The same delaying tactics are applied across the board to all their customers:No real UPS ship date ie., "your item is on the loading dock..," "we are getting more UPS trucks for pick ups," "we're experiencing site technical issues" etc... Same story repeated many times to all customers who ordered from them. My "so-called" order, was given a fake UPS Next Day Air
number which sat at their dock for over a week! This further confirmed my belief that Livesay International had no product to ship me. Ever. Tracking number they gave me: 1Z3104XR1393928681 - A number anyone can generate on by filling in the Ship To address and estimated product weight.

Since then, I have written many online postings to warn others out there and quite a number of those scammed have contacted me to tell the same story. One of Livesay's customer told me he was scammed by "Global Export Distributors" for a 65inch Plasma TV on Yahoo Auctions for over $1,000 by Lyle Livesay, the owner. They were operating under the name Global Export Distributors until Livesay International was founded in Feb '07 by the same kid, Lyle Livesay & girlfriend Sheena Bradshaw (the official owner listed in the business registration in Oconee County GA.) Two known scam businesses by the same person. I use the term "Kid" on him and them because no legit company would communicate as unprofessionally as they do.

--- One must clearly be devoid of morals and values due to an inability to work an honest job and resorting to a life of internet scams. A skill set that is potentially valuable if channelled correctly. Pretty pathetic really. This kid Lyle Livesay has a pregnant teenage girlfriend Sheena Bradshaw who brags about it on her myspace page (I was informed by another customer they scammed.) I feel sorry for the child with such parents as role models. - Both Lyle Livesay and Sheena Bradshaw working in collaboration to scam.
(Note 11th name from the bottom "Addison Taylor Livesay")

Livesay International's marketing methods involve luring unsuspecting victims by casual online postings on gaming message boards and community based boards for example:

"I wanted to let everyone know that instead of paying top dollar for one of these Nintendo Wii's on ebay, or waiting in everlasting lines at Best Buy. Livesay International Inc ( has them at retail price, and they do what they say!! I purchased one about a week and a half ago, and i got it on Monday. It was Brand New sealed in the box, Great Product and Service!"

They have since verbally abused me through postings on their site and via email, claimed to have refunded my credit card with not a penny credited so far since April 14th (it is now May 16th), deleted other negative postings on their message board (which they deactivated due to negative postings by other customers they scammed) and going around trying to defend themselves after my warning posts online to others (note the ZERO seller feedback they have on eBay)

Learn from the rest of us scammed by Livesay International. You are better off waiting for the Wii to be in stock again at retail or buying from reputable sites and sellers like Amazon or eBay sellers with nothing less than 100% positive feedback.

Ironically, Livesay International claims to have the Apple iPhone in stock since March when its release date is in June 2007! Steve Jobs must be a close buddy of theirs ensuring the whole world waits for the release of the iPhone except Livesay International.....Right...Haha!

Livesay International Business Registration in Georgia

Lyle Livesay and Sheena Bradshaw

 Lyle Livesay and Sheena Bradshaw

19 yr old GF of Lyle Livesay and Registered Owner of Livesay International (SCAM) Inc.

Scam Couple of Livesay International


Kumo said...

You took the words right out of my mouth. I hope Livesay International has a turn for the worst soon. They need to be shut down as soon as possible.

Kumo said...

Sorry for double posting.
I just made this yesterday.

I hope this helps everyone.

Mini Moe said...

Thank you Kumo! More postings from honest customers will keep their name visible and ranked in Google.

To those reading this and scammed by Livesay International, dispute the charges on your credit card immediately. You have 60 days to do so.

Kumo said...


I recently got my money back from my credit card company. Livesay International never refunded me, so for people who are waiting for a refund from Livesay; please file a dispute form with your bank or credit card company today to get your money back.

Evan said...

Global Export Distributors, Livesay International, scammers of the year... I was involved in getting their first "business" closed. They were selling on all the auction sites, everyone who bought from them recieved nothing. Their paypal account got locked, so I think this is why they opened Livesay International. I suggest that everyone scammed should also file with the Internet Crime Complaint Center ( as well as the Better Business Bureau of Georgia ( If anyone actually in atlanta or Bogart has gotten scammed, please let us know.

gr, seattle, wa said...

i soooo hope that stupid kid gets what he deserves!!! he caused me soooo much anxiety. i so do not like that boy. i hope he learns his lesson or gets punished for what he's done to so many people who got excited for nothing. what an asshole!!

Nick said...

Kumo, Mini moe & especially Evan

Please call Detective McCauley @ 706-613-3888 ext. 283.

He is trying making a criminal case out of this. He just needs people to let him know what happened and when. Basically he just started because of some BS on who's jurisdiction it is. He needs to know officially who has been scammed.

Feel free to email me,


Anonymous said...

To whomever thinks its a smart idea to plaster my daughter and my grandchilds picture over the internet is no better than the so called scam artist Mr. Livesay that they are complaining about. I have no idea about what went on with livesay international but i do know my daughter and grandchild and they do not deserve what is being posted about them. If you have promblems with livesay international then take it up with him and leave my daughter and grandchild out of it. My daughter had some idea all this was going on with the company but when she searched the web she never expected to see all the things that she saw. She was so upset, but when she came across her picture and her baby's picture she was beside herself, and that is when she showed it to me. I believe it could also be illegal to post my grandaughters picture on this site. I do want everyone to know that she is no longer affilliated with livesay international, and actually never was part of the company.I do hope everyone gets what they deserve and things get resolved, but at the same time i would like for any part of my family to be left out of this. thank you

Anonymous said...

lyle is a prick and a know it all. he has never sold one damn thing and wish upon a star. his girlfriend is ugly and fat as well.

minimoe said...

to anonymous grandparent,..

This site was created due to a large number of people having been scammed by Livesay International.

Your daughter is listed as the Official Business owner of Livesay International according to the state business records of Georgia which is public information.

Please see proof of your daughter's scam activities.

FYI, blog spaces ensures freedom of speech and images obtained from the internet are Public Domain.

The internet is a powerful social tool and conducting illegal activity on it has serious repercussions.

Anonymous said...

You are a dumb BITCH and should really probably get a life! You must have so much extra time in your life to be able to keep this blog up. Maybe instead of making untruthful statements you should try contacting Mr. Livesay and get the full story on how he was scammed out of $250K+ of his own money! Nothing compared to your little $300. Not to mention he will never see. This is crazy that you still keep this shit up almost two years later. You got your money back, as well as everyone else. SO SHUT-UP!!! Have a nice wasteful life.

minimoe said...

To the last "Anonymous" poster, I wonder why you would be so upset over my "untruthful" statements as you claim. Hmmmmm.......

If I was such a dumb bitch, I would not know how to ensure Lyle Livesay and Sheena Bradshaw remains #1 on Google's search results.

You never know who you're messing with.

You/he should have thought about it before deciding to scam.

brandon said...

Lyle Livesay is going by the name Lyle Stephens and working under a company called Mainstream Trading Company Inc. Lyle is using his middle name Stephens as his last name I have gotten scammed by him he is a piece of shit! He has never done one thing he has said and screwed one of my clients over for $50,000 dollars and says its not his fault and never is with this guy!! He is the best scammer ever!

brandon said...

Lyle Stephens Mainstream Trading Company Inc Scam Scam Scam Scam!!
His real name is Lyle Stephens Livesay he is using his middle name as his last name now and scamming people still!! He says he has Factory Unlocked Iphones and sends you some phones that are hacked and the wrong ones! He gets you to trust him and tells you he has a deal from his distributor for 100 Iphones Credit Card only and Bam your money is gone!! This guy is the best scammer ever I met him in person and this is who he really is!! If you do business with this guy you will get screwed Guarenteed! He carries a gun on him because he has screwed so many people!! Best Scammer Ever!!

Anonymous said...

Wow thanks for the heads up!

Was about to do some business with Mainstream Trading.

Sorry to hear about all your loses. Hope these scammers get what they deserve.

brandon said...

Yeah Lyle is one of the best scammers ever!! Mainstream Tradin Company Inc is the new scam business. Kinda funny how he just uses his middle name as his last Lyle Stephens Livesay piece of crap!!

minimoe said...

Thanks for all your postings!

It will be all too easy to ensure Lyle's name in whatever combinations used ie. "Lyle Stephens" "Lyle Livesay", "Lyle Stephens Livesay" - For it all to show up on search engine result pages.

Criminals will get caught in the end anyway. He's already on the right path! =)

Kali said...

Link to the latest scam by Mainstream Trading Co Inc. (Lyle Stephens Livesay) where he has stolen thousands of dollars from customers.

Anonymous said...

looking for a stolen 2011 chevrolet 2500hd Lyle livesay scammed Grady Wade out of ........ has anyone seen the truck it was white when purchased new .......

Anonymous said...

He has moved to Florida pulling the same scams. I can take you to him.