Thursday, July 05, 2007

Site Suspended - For Livesay International

2 great things happend this week:

i) The State of Georgia's Governor's Office of Consumer Affairs wrote me requesting more information on Livesay International's business practices and my dealings with them. I responded with all the information they asked for - Gladly I must add!

ii) Livesay International - The scam site has been suspended!

What can I say, this has been a great week.... Happy 4th Of July!!


Kumo said...

Happy times... =)

Nick said...

Re: Livesay International

They are big time scammers!! I’m working with a detective in Athens-Clark County who are trying to investigate them and charge them. The only problem is that Detective McCauley said that I’m the only one so far to call in a complaint so far. He requested that anyone who has been ripped off by Livesay International to simply call his office and leave him a voice mail or talk to him directly. He also said that this kind information is very crucial to the strength of his case. I’m asking anyone that’s been scammed by Livesay International to please call and tell Detective McCauley what happened. Unfortunately I’m still trying to get my money back; anyone that can take a minute and call your story in would greatly help everyone. The best I can tell so far, everyone that has previously called in a complaint did so in Oconee County. I just found out that actual jurisdiction is Athens Clark County. The phone number is 706-613-3888 ext. 283.

Please take the time and call, this is not the first time the people at Livesay international pulled this scam. Currently, I know of two other companies before Livesay International Inc. Lets stop this once and for all.

PS – This is a very organize blog, keep up the good work.