Friday, October 05, 2012

Lyle Livesay, Are You Looking For Me? You Finally Out Of Jail?

So here is an interesting new development...

Since I live a lot of my life online because of my work, here is what I have discovered popping up in the last few days..

My name Luanne Teoh has been popping up in a few different places around the web, namely complaints site saying that I have stolen $10,000 from a certain individual who identifies himself only as "scammer_seeker""Jeff M"and "scammer_watch"

Interestingly enough, in all these sites, the same story is told repeatedly the same way.

 Luanne Teoh Stole $10, 000 from me on a web design project she was suppose to be completing!!! Funny to me how she is the one ripping people off then writing blogs about everyone else. Here are a list of associates...:

        Luanne S Teoh Stole $10,000 from me. I paid her to do a web design and she never came through. Now I can not get in touch with her. STAY AWAY AT ALL COST!!! She is a low down Scammer, and then has the nerve to write about other people to "Warn the Public"

he goes on to list the name of companies I have worked with claiming they are my "scam associates" based on my public LinkedIn profile which anyone on the web can see.

Here are the list of places he has posted his grievances towards me so far:

Complaints Board 

There are 3 flaws to this claim:

1) Any person who intends to pay someone a large sum of money 100% upfront for work yet to be done would have a binding contract signed. #1 basic rule of business.

2) If you pay 100% upfront without a contract AND without requesting any proof of work, then you're an idiot and an incompetent business person.

3) He never identifies his real name, his company name or the details on how I stole $10,000 from him. Instead, he chooses to hide behind anonymous handles and a computer screen like a typical coward does.

Ironically, I'm also not a web designer as he claims. 

So, if you're gonna call me out, please have the guts to provide your real name -- unless of course if you have something to hide. Like the fact that you are the liar and the scammer who is projecting.

First off, anyone with a computer who Googles my name Luanne Teoh will be able to find my cell phone number and email but somehow it eludes him. 

No -- I am not famous but I have an unusual name and have a lot of my work online.

So here is my cell phone number again in case Lyle Livesay or anyone is wanting to contact me for any reason 415-335-1447. -- I am on Pacific Time just so you know if you call too early or too late and I don't answer.

This brings me back to a blog I wrote 5 years ago in 2007 when I was looking to buy a Nintendo Wii and was scammed by a company called Livesay International owned by Lyle Livesay

Lyle's company in Georgia had advertised they had the Wii in stock and I ordered it. His website had all the necessary credentials of a regular eCommerce site and I ordered one. Simple as that.  

It turned out to be an elaborate scam which affected people from all across the country.

When I wrote the blog, I wanted to talk about my experience and warn others about dealing with this individual named Lyle Livesay based on what I went through. 

What happened after my blog post (which was pretty unexpected) was a lot of people contacting me telling me the same experience they had with Lyle Livesay and his bogus company. Basically scammed and cheated when they tried to purchase items from him -- from video game consoles, TV, electronics to luxury cars.

The whole time, he was running a scam show (while using his now ex-wife's name to register the name of his scam company -- what a stand up guy!) 

The authorities (Cops, state of Georgia governor's office including recently, his now ex-wife) contacted me to either tell me about him or verify the details about Lyle Livesay.

Since the Nintento Wii scam in 2007, Lyle Livesay has gone on to bigger and more outrageous scams and the law finally caught up with Lyle Livesay and he ended up in the slammer earlier twice this year with the FBI investigating him.

The reason I wrote this blog is I have reason to believe that all those bogus posts about me claiming that I am a scammer is coming from Lyle Livesay himself. 

Because I called him out in a detailed blog post that has generated over 11,000 pageviews which help land him in jail.

Arrested twice so far this year in 2012 and counting.

(click on image below to enlarge). 

So Lyle, I guess you must be out of jail these days. This blog post is dedicated to you. Wishing you all the best as you continue to count your days of freedom. 

I feel bad for your kid. She must be around 5 now? - You are providing a stellar example as a dad for her =)

Well, at least she will have something interesting to share when she talks about her career criminal dad. Everyone else's dad would have boring careers compared to hers.

Lyle Stephen Livesay (pictured above) wanted by police. Public help needed to aid police in locating him.

**** UPDATE October 24, 2012****

Arrested again for the third time in a year.

Good luck to you Lyle Livesay. May you live a long life in prison.



Anonymous said...

If you have information on the whereabouts of Lyle Livesay please contact the Jackson County (Georgia) Sheriff's Office and ask for Sgt. Trey McConnell. (706) 387-6051

Anonymous said...

Lyle Livesay is a seriously wanted man by the cops!

Anonymous said...

He has been arreted by Jackson county sheriff office and is being held without bond . still in jail as od 10/23 , mug shot says it all . Lmao

Anonymous said...

Justice prevails for this perpetual scammer and loser.

Thursday, March 8, 2018

Florida Man Sentenced to Four Years in Prison for Laundering Proceeds of Bank Fraud
OKLAHOMA CITY – Lyle Livesay, of Delray Beach, Florida, has been sentenced to 48 months in federal prison for laundering the proceeds of fraud against banks in Oklahoma and elsewhere, announced Robert J. Troester, Acting United States Attorney for the Western District of Oklahoma.